Help me make a difference join our Online Art Auction fundraiser for HOMERTON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST CHARITABLE FUND. Every donation will help.

Below are a variety of my works.

Framed print reserve £30
Four to Remember
Framed print reserve £40
The Bar
Framed print reserve £90
Framed print reserve £90
Marcus Garvey
Framed original reserve £190
Framed original reserve £190
Kora Player 2
Framed original reserve £190
Six Boxers
Unframed original reserve £190
Bob Dylon & Joan Baez
Framed print reserve £190
Ray Charles
Unframed original reserve £290
Unframed original reserve £290
Unframed original reserve £290
Muhammad Ali
Unframed original reserve £90


All bids are considered.

Bid on the image or images you would like to own.

The highest bid will be contacted (via email with regards to your donation) although you can donate at anytime if you would like to support the causes.


All funds go directly to charity. The reserve is is not set in stone all bids are considered
Images can be collected or delivered (fees may apply)

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

More information about HOMERTON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST CHARITABLE FUND: Although Homerton is funded by the NHS, the charity allows us to raise funds over and above NHS provision, to further enhance our services and make our patients’ experience even better. Funds raised help to pay for additional equipment, innovations, and ‘extras’ that complement the quality care for our patients . We have helped create family rooms for parents to stay in, funded music and art sessions for elderly and brain-damaged patients and paid for artworks to brighten public spaces in the Hospital.

Stay safe

Visit nineoarts/gallery to see more art work.