Nine-0 Arts is home to the art works of Andrew Wright BA.

Andrew is a freelance artist whose passion for art began at a young age when his uncle would take him to Saturday art classes in the Midlands on the handlebars of his bicycle.

Andrew later moved to East London where he was heavily influenced by the 80s Hip-Hop. Andrew embraced the art forms break-dancing, graffiti art and beat-boxing. Throughout his childhood in London, he witnessed vast cultural changes taking place, which later became the inspiration for many of his works. 
Andrew went on to pursue a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. Much of Andrew’s early work was heavily influenced by Britain’s Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop music scenes. Many of his works from this time were produced whilst he was performing as MC NINETY in clubs throughout the country.

Whilst his works have been massively influenced by music Andrew also desires to raise awareness of controversial issues surrounding race, youth culture and discrimination. The exhibition “Golly” held in Nottingham, curated by Michael Forbes and funded by Arts Council England is an example of Andrew’s ability to approach sensitive subjects in a thought-provoking and original way.

He seeks to invoke emotion in the viewer, whether this is reflective or pioneering. Andrew produces diverse and unique works using a variety of mediums ranging from pencil, charcoal, oils, acrylic, spray paint and digital art. His style of work could be described as figurative, using strong but loose brush strokes to produce works that are both vibrant and colourful.

Andrew has conducted workshops nationwide and is passionate about sharing his skills and enthusiasm for art.  Andrew Wright has recently engaged in collaboration with The New Art Exchange Nottingham and
Nottingham University on the Draw for the Future Project.

Andrew is available for Art commissions and to deliver Art workshops you can view his art works in Nine -0 Arts Gallery.