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by Andrew Wright (Grenfell tower tragedy tribute)

Photos  of exhibition by Rudolph Carter (rudolphcarter.uk@gmail.com)

Below previous events and  reviews:

Nottingham Black History Mural Project 2016

Jane Weissman a famous US muralist was sent a link to the images of the

Nottingham Black History Mural, in an interview she said:

“Thank you so much for sending me the link to Pathways. Congratulations! It’s a very beautiful mural — the portraits, the background chain (a very potent symbol and a terrific way to organize imagery), and the adinkra symbols. I’d love to show you the PowerPoint lecture based on my exhibition Images of the African Diaspora in NYC Community Murals. Many artists — in the years 1968 thru today — incorporated adrinkra symbols as well as imagery reflecting African culture, history, religion and myth into their murals.”

Utopia 2016 PATHWAYS


NAE / Nottingham Universty / NBA / BLMUK

Fr Charles from The Parish of Saint Bartholomew, Stamford Hill London.

South Africa – The first week I was staying in Cape Town and on the Sunday I preached and celebrated Mass in S. Philip’s church and distributed to the

congregation copies of your painting of S. Simon. They were so happy to receive it.

S. Philip’s is located in the city’s Distrit 6, which in the 1970s was all butobliterated by the Apartheid regime. 60,000 people were forcibly evicted and their homes destroyed because the White supremacist government redesigned the area a Whites only neighbourhood – it was a shameful thing and repeated in many other places in South Africa but District 6 became the most famous internationally, sparking many protests. The district had been a very mixed neighbourhood, with lots of interracial marriages and relationships, which were according to State law illegal. The monks who worked at S. Philip’s very much supported the   community and the process of clearance was halted on the road where the church is. It’s a very iconic location and I thought that it would be good to share your S. Simon of Cyrene with the people. You can see below they are holding your picture – over 6000 miles away!alignleft” src=”http://nineoarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/southafrica-300×225.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ />


London Transport Museum

February – March 2010
Journeys’ workshops with children to produce art for bus shelters

The Voice Newspaper

Review Departure Expo



Burton Mail